Dear Colleagues and Students,

We are organizing the congress, which was first held in Konya in 2017 as Selcuk University, Faculty of Tourism,  with Tashkent MDIS University under the heading of “International Congress on Cultural Heritage and Tourism” in Uzbekistan, Tashkent between 3-5 May 2018.

Cultural heritage and tourism are the main theme of the congress and the sub-heading is  from culture to civilization on the Silk Road. The fact that such a theme is preferred in terms of Anatolia and Central Asia / Uzbekistan should be regarded as an important factor for the related geography to host many civilizations on the historical silk road and to have a rich heritage from these civilizations. Another important reason for choosing Uzbekistan is that it represents a center of gastronomic tourism as well as a valuable cultural and religious tourism. In the rapidly developing world, various organizations are made every year. One of these organization in 2018 for the Turkish-Islamic world and in particular the progress of cultural diplomacy and tourism relations between the sister country Uzbekistan and Turkey will be the “2nd. International Congress on Cultural Heritage and Tourism”. Our congress includes valuable scientists, educators, industry representatives and postgraduates It aims at offering solutions in the sector within the context of changing World in line with social sciences and other related sciences and examining new approaches in terms of changing conditions centered on Cultural Heritage and Tourism. We hereby wish to promote the civilization elements of Anatolia and Central Asia, which have a strong history and cultural heritage, on international platforms and move our heritage to the future with a strong consciousness, through tourism.

Important dates related to the Congress are announced on our website and all of the full texts will pass through the referee process. In the process of full text submission. The proceeding book is planned to be published before 30th of November 2018. Congress proceedings can be presented in Turkish or English.  You may participate as a presenter, poster presenter, or listener. The congress leaflet will be published as an e-book. You may visit our web site ( for detailed information about the congress. We express our honor to host you in the land of peace and tolerance, in one of the  important capital of culture and civilizations on the  silk road, Tashkent/Uzbekistan

With respect and greetings.

Prof. Dr. Necmi UYANIK, Dean of Selcuk University Faculty of Tourism, Head of the Congress

Prof. Dr. Tukhtaev BAKHTIER, Dean of MDIS Tashkent University  Faculty of Tourism, Head of the Congress